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Published April 1, 2021
Expiration date: 4/15/2021

The work affecting waters of the United States is part of an overall project known as Bushy Park Boat Landing Dredging, to dredge an existing boat ramp and entrance channel and construct a new Disposal Material Placement Facility (DMPF).  In detail, the applicant proposes to hydraulically dredge a 200-foot wide by 1,750-foot long channel (approximately 8 acres) to -8.0 feet MLW with allowable 1’ overdepth. The anticipated dredge volume for the initial dredge event is approximately 120,000 cubic yards of dredged material, with future events not anticipated to exceed 60,000 cubic yards every ten years given that dredging has not been required since the channel was initially formed 60 years ago. The applicant proposes to dispose of the dredged material by pumping it via pipeline to the proposed Dredged Material Disposal Facility (DMPF). The DMPF is proposed on an 18.3-acre tract north of the dredge channel and will require filling of 7.52 acres of freshwater wetlands. In 2014, the applicant had requested permission to use the Yellow House Creek DMPF, the closest DMPF, for sediment disposal. However, in 2017, the Corps restricted use of Corps owned DMPFs or on DMPFs which it has an easement. Therefore, the applicant has been required to identify another option for sediment disposal. The applicant is not proposing mitigation for the proposed dredging as no vegetated wetlands will be impacted by the dredging.  However, the applicant has proposed to mitigate for impacts to wetlands and/or waters of the United States by purchasing 86.84 mitigation credits from either Palmetto Umbrella Mitigation Bank- Big Run Site or Caton Creek Mitigation Bank. Please note, the applicant is also considering purchase a tract of land along the Bushy Park Reservoir with the intent of permanently protecting wetlands adjacent to the region’s drinking water source. If a suitable tract of land is identified, the applicant will provide supplemental information. According to the applicant, the project purpose is to establish and maintain safe operating depths at the Bushy Park Boat Landing during all tidal phases.