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Published May 14, 2021
Expiration date: 5/28/2021

The proposed work consists of repairing a dilapidated section of an existing fishing pier and constructing an additional section.  In detail, the existing pier consists of a 16’ x 876’ walkway. The applicant is proposing to repair/replace a 16’ by 86.5’ section of the walkway that has been damaged, extend the walkway waterward by approximately 23 linear feet, and construct a 16’ x 50’ “T” shaped fixed pierhead at the waterward end of the walkway.  The applicant has also noted that, dependent on the structural analysis, there may be a need to repair additional areas and/or a complete pier rebuild.  The applicant states that due to minimal impacts, mitigation is not proposed.  The project purpose, as stated by the applicant, is for the Sea Cabins community’s continued private recreational use.