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Published June 25, 2021
Expiration date: 7/9/2021

The proposed work consists of expanding and improving the Carolina Yacht Club marina. In detail, the applicant proposes to expand the dock footprint to the east and south of the existing position to include a total of 4,710 linear feet of temporary in-water boat storage and approximately 1,300 feet of jet dock storage (52 count). The revised marina layout will produce more efficient water space use for berthing and navigation. For the existing dock tree, this will include realigning the walkway and adding floating finger piers for side-tie dockage of small boats. Each of the thirteen 8’ x 50’ long finger piers are intended to accommodate up to 4 small vessels on side-tide during peak conditions. The floating dock will be anchored on piles. The revised marina layout will also include a new floating dock within the increased water area that will also be anchored on piles. The dock walkway will host 52 floating jet docks and will serve vessels up to 25’ in length. The proposed floating wave attenuator will provide eight additional 8’ x 50’ floating finger piers to provide short term dockage. The existing boat ramp floating staging dock is proposed to be lengthened by 87’ to provide more queuing dockage to help during periods of peak boating activity. The proposed additional wave attenuators are aligned to provide protection to the entire marina basin. The “plug dock” at the northern entrance to the marina will also be extended by 74.2’ to maintain harbor tranquility. The attenuators are proposed to be constructed of concrete and will be held in place by a combination of chain and concrete anchors.