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Published July 20, 2021
Expiration date: 8/23/2021

The proposed work consists of establishing a freshwater wetland and stream mitigation bank in the Lynches River watershed (8-digit Hydrologic Unit Codes 03040202). The proposed 1,182.5 acre mitigation site includes approximately 81.06-acres of freshwater wetlands and 39,345 linear feet (lf) of non-wetland waters.

The proposal is to restore the site from heavy agriculture to bottomland hardwood forest. This includes preserving approximately 10,822 lf of streams and 44.42-acres of palustrine forested wetlands through the permanent protection of a conservation easement. In addition, 591.5-acres of freshwater wetlands will be restored through re-establishing hydrology by filling ditches re-establishing forested vegetation by replanting hydrophytic vegetation. 13,269 lf of stream will be restored/enhanced through utilizing natural channel design techniques. This includes channel re-alignment, construction of new channels, and bank stabilization. An upland buffer will be placed around all stream resources. The bank sponsor, using a conservation easement, will protect the bank site.