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Published Sept. 2, 2021
Expiration date: 10/1/2021

The proposed project consists of establishing a freshwater wetland and saltwater mitigation bank in the Cooper Watershed (8-digit Hydrologic Unit Codes 03050103). The proposed 1,450 acre mitigation site includes approximately 511 acres of freshwater wetlands, 187 acres of impoundment, and 686 acres of salt marsh.

The proposal is to preserve approximately 686 acres of salt marsh. The sponsor states that ownership of the salt marsh will be established through the state and a Kings Grant. The tidal marsh will be protected with a conservation easement. Also, 40 acres of palustrine forested wetlands will be preserved through the permanent protection of a conservation easement. In addition, 187 acres of impoundment will be restored through removal or breaching of dikes and removal of water control structures. Approximately 471 acres of freshwater wetland will be enhanced by removal of loblolly pine and replanting in native species. The bank sponsor, using a conservation easement, will protect the bank site.