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Published Aug. 30, 2022
Expiration date: 9/28/2022

     The proposal consists of establishing a freshwater stream and wetland mitigation bank in the Edisto River Watershed (8-Digit HUC 03050206), in the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain Region. The proposed 1,275-acre mitigation site includes approximately 15,611 linear feet of tributaries and 701 acres of freshwater wetlands. According to the Prospectus, the mitigation work plan includes the enhancement of 281 acres of wetlands through the removal of pine trees, breaching of pine beds, and planting of hydrophytic tree species. Additionally, 330.8 acres of wetlands will be restored through the removal of roads, filling/plugging of drainage ditches, installation of a flashboard riser weir in the main drainage channel onsite, and removal of pine trees, breaching of pine beds, and planting of hydrophytic tree species. The work plan also includes the restoration of 13,525 linear feet of stream channel by breaching and removing side cast spoil material to reconnect the stream with the floodplain. In addition, the preservation of 93 acres of wetlands and 4,132 linear feet of streams is proposed. The sponsor is also proposing the enhancement and/or preservation of associated upland and riparian buffers onsite. Once the mitigation work is completed, the bank sponsor proposes to monitor the mitigation site to ensure that the restoration areas are developing as expected and meeting the necessary performance standards.

     As proposed the mitigation bank would provide in-kind compensatory mitigation for authorized impacts to aquatic resources located in the Edisto River, Salkehatchie, South Carolina Coastal, Cooper, Four Hole Swamp, South Fork Edisto, and North Fork Edisto Watersheds within the Southeastern Plains, Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain and Southern Coastal Plain ecoregions as shown on the attached Service Area Map. The work required to complete the proposed activities on the mitigation site may be authorized under Nationwide Permit #27 after review by the Corps, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, and the Interagency Review Team. The mitigation bank site will be protected by the bank sponsor using a primary and secondary conservation easement.