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Published June 16, 2023
Expiration date: 7/17/2023

The proposed project consists of establishing a freshwater wetland mitigation bank in the Tiger River Watershed (8-digit Hydrologic Unit Code 03050107), located in the Piedmont Level III Ecoregion. The proposed 451.75-acre mitigation site includes approximately 1.93 acres of freshwater wetlands and 23,159 linear feet of stream.

The proposal is to preserve approximately 14,330 linear feet of stream. In addition, 1.93 acres of freshwater wetlands would be enhanced by increasing hydrology through restoring and raising approximately 6,279 linear feet of stream beds and enhancing 2,550 linear feet of stream through bank stabilization, grade control, and flood plain benching. The bank sponsor would use a conservation easement to protect the bank site in perpetuity.

As proposed the mitigation bank would provide in-kind compensatory mitigation for authorized impacts to aquatic resources within 8-Digit HUC 03050107 Tyger Swamp with secondary service areas of the Upper Broad, Lower Broad, and Enoree Watersheds. The work required to complete the proposed activities on the mitigation site could potentially be authorized under Nationwide Permit #27 after reviews by the Corps, the   South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, and the Interagency Review Team.