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Published June 21, 2024
Expiration date: 7/5/2024

In detail the proposed work consists of the addition of two (2) 40’ x 4’ floating finger docks, a 16’ x 9’ floating boat structure on the channel side of an existing 62' 7 X 6’ finger dock, a covered 12’ x 12’ fixed pier head with relocation of one cantilevered fish cleaning station on the south end of the marina, a 109’ x 5’ wooden walkway extension, an 81’ X 4’ floating fuel dock extension, a 61’ X 8’ floating fuel dock extension, mooring dolphin piles, and  one (1) 16’ x 9’ floating kayak launch.


In addition, the applicant is seeking after-the-fact authorization for four (4) finger docks on the channel side of the previously permitted 235’ x 8.2’ floating dock, dimensions from North to South area as follows: 19.3’ x 4.3’, 12.1’ x 4.3’,12.1 x 4.3’, and 12’ x 4.3’, as well as, after-the-fact authorization for the 52.5’ X 12.8’ floating dock on the south end of the 38.5’ x 23.5’ floating dock with electrical hookup and storage of 14 kayaks, a 62.7’ x 6’ finger dock closest to the fixed pier attached to the channel side of the 258.3’ X 8.2’  previously permitted floating spine dock), three (3) 16’ x 9’ floating boat storage structures on the channel side of the 62.7’ X 6’ finger dock, one (1) 16’ X 9’ floating storage structure in a slip on the channel side of  the floating spine dock, and a 6’ x4.2’ fixed wooden deck for placement of the unleaded and diesel fuel pumps.