Tag: safety
  • July

    Industrial Hygienist Combines Math and Science to Protect Employees

    Stephanie Gillian leverages industrial hygiene skills to prioritize the health and safety of the Charleston District team.
  • September

    Crab Bank restoration begins; project stresses public safety

    Construction activity began early this September on the restoration of the Crab Bank Seabird Sanctuary, nestled in Charleston Harbor between the tip of Sullivan’s Island and Patriots Point. USACE asks all boaters and paddlers in this vicinity to steer clear of all dredging equipment and activity and use slower speeds.
  • July

    Don't hang your boat out to dry

    How many times have you been ready for a great day out on the water, but when you put your boat in,
  • May

    Summer Safety Tips

    Boating Always wear a life jacket Don operate a boat under the influence of alcohol Take
  • March

    Spring Safety

    Birds chirping, longer days and Azalea bushes blooming are all signs that spring is right around the
  • August

    Playing it Safe

    Charleston District Safety Officer John Lindsay has one main goal – ensure that safety is the number
  • June

    Enjoy Your Holiday, Play it Safe, and Return Home

    Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death, yet the number of deaths by drowning could be