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Published April 1, 2021
Expiration date: 4/15/2021

The proposed work consists of marine improvements associated with the proposed redevelopment of the Cooper River County Park. In detail, the applicant is proposing to construct a fishing/ crabbing dock, a pedestrian access boardwalk from the parking area to the existing grand pier, adding seating/ fishing platforms to the existing grand pier, adding a floating dock and gangway on the existing grand pier, expanding the grand pier deck, and constructing a riprap revetment along the southern shoreline of the property. The fishing/ crabbing dock will be constructed on Shipyard Creek and consists of a 10’ x 72’ long access pier with a 15’ x 18’ covered pierhead with 17’ x 10’ uncovered decks on either side of the covered pier. The entire structure will be fixed with handrails. No floating docks or other in-water elements are proposed at the fishing/ crabbing dock. The purpose of the fishing/ crabbing dock is to provide passive recreational and educational opportunities for park patrons.


The pedestrian access boardwalk will consist of a 12’ x 232’ structure to provide direct, ADA-compliant access from the upland parking area to the grand pier. Given the shallow water depths in this area, the applicant has proposed a 20’ wide temporary construction buffer located adjacent to the southern side of the pier. The temporary buffer will be returned to pre-construction conditions upon project completion. The purpose of this boardwalk is to provide direct, safe, and ADA-compliant public access from the parking lot and other park amenities to the grand pier.


The applicant also proposes to construct three 15’ x 50’ shaded seating/ fishing platforms located on the northern side of the grand pier in strategic locations. The purpose of these seating/ fishing platforms are to provide much needed shelter from the sun and elements for park patrons. They’ll also provide space for active and passive recreation and leisure activities so that these patrons do not block the main walkway of the grand pier. The proposed floating dock will be 10’ x 50’ long with anchor piles. It will be attached to one of the seating/ fishing platforms with a 6’ x 80’ long ADA-compliant gangway. The floating dock will be the only park amenity providing direct access down to the water itself. It is envisioned hat this dock would be utilized primarily for fishing, crabbing, and similar activities.


The applicant proposes to construct 6,280 square feet of new deck space at the waterward end of the grand pier which will supplement the existing smaller deck located in front of the marina building. It is envisioned that shade/ shelter will be provided on some, or all, of the platform, but the specific design of such elements has yet to be defined. However, in no case will the shade/ shelter elements extend past the proposed deck footprint. The purpose of the expanded deck is to provide a gathering area for visitors to take advantage of the views, fish, or simply relax. It will also provide marina patrons and visiting boaters to have direct access to the expanded dock area.


Lastly, the applicant proposes to construct a 700-foot long riprap revetment along the southern shoreline. The riprap will extend from the shoreline approximately 25’ to 35’ and will be 2’ thick. Of the 1,375 cubic yards within the 0.30-acre footprint of the riprap, 601 cubic yards of material will be placed within 0.12 acre below the MHW line. The purpose of the riprap revetment is to address significant erosion as well as stabilizing the bank to allow a safe walking/ biking path along the waterfront. The applicant has not proposed mitigation as the majority of the impacts are over unconsolidated river bottom (as opposed to marshes or other critical habitat).