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Published May 27, 2021
Expiration date: 6/10/2021

The proposed work consists of numerous construction activities of the existing the I-26 and US 21 Interchange to improve traffic safety, traffic efficiency to meet current design criteria and to improve drainage.  This includes widening of the existing US 21 overpass, revised exit ramps and improvements to the current intersections/turning lanes on US 21. This project will include impact to a total of 556 linear feet of three separate tributaries and 1.66 acres of five separate wetland areas.  Specifically, this project will include placement of fill in 435 linear feet and placement of piping in 121 linear feet of tributaries.  In addition, this project will include placement of fill and rock in 0.7-acre, excavation (including cut/fill) in 0.82 acres and mechanical clearing of 0.14 acre of wetlands.