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Published Feb. 22, 2022
Expiration date: 3/8/2022

The proposed work consists of the construction of commercial docks to be utilize for boat rentals, a boat well and associated dredging. In detail the work consists of the construction of two (2) 5’ x 5’ fixed pierheads attached to high ground. Flood side will be a 5’ x 55’ ramp from the pierhead leading to a 10’ x 75’ floating dock. Ebb Side will by a 5’ x 30’ ramp from the pierhead leading to a 10’ x 75’ floating dock. A boat well will be located between the docks.

Additionally, the applicant is proposing to dredge approximately 572.86 cubic yards of material from 0.062 acre of the AIWW to an average depth of -5.0 MLW. The proposed dredging will occur in both tidally influenced, freshwater wetlands (0.04 acre) and open waters (0.022 acre). The dredging is proposed for the construction of the boat well and to provide adequate depths to access the docking facilities. In addition to jurisdictional impacts the applicant is proposing to excavate 137 cubic yards (0.017 acres) of uplands to aid in the construction of the boat well. The dredging will be conducted by land-based equipment, specifically an upland based trackhoe. All material to be dredged will be placed on the high ground of the property and leveled prior to high ground lot development. The trackhoe will swivel and deposit the material in place and a small bulldozer will then be used to level the material. According to the applicant, an outfall is not planned as the material to be excavated will be given time to dry and will not require draining or settling. Silt fencing or other sediment trapping system will be employed to ensure runoff of sediment does not reenter the AIWW. Residual material that is not needed for upland site preparation will be loaded onto to dump trucks and transported to a final upland disposal site located along Sandridge Road (TMS#130-00-08-146) in Little River, Horry County, South Carolina.

Finally, the applicant is proposing to construct 362 LF of bulkhead above the high tide line. The bulkhead will be constructed prior to dredging/excavation to stabilize the bank.  The applicant offered no compensatory mitigation for impacts associated with the project. It is understood that this work is to be conducted on/or adjacent to an area subject to a prism and/or disposal area held by the United States.  Appropriate provisions will be included in the permit to ensure the interests of the Federal Government are understood. The project purpose, as started by the applicant, is commercial recreational use.