Archive: 2015
  • August

    Diligence and Ardor

    “Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought after with ardor and attended to with
  • May

    Boating Safety Q&As

    Below are some frequently asked questions of the United States Coast Guard about boating.
  • April

    Thai Contingent Visits St. Stephen

    Charleston District and South Carolina Department of Natural Resources personnel recently hosted a
  • What's the Point?

    Car maintenance, home maintenance and computer maintenance; all of these are necessary tasks to keep
  • Resiliency: Hunt the Good Stuff

    Have you ever had one of those bad days that somehow downwardly spiraled into a bad week? We don’t
  • New Safety Chief and Operations Chief

    Shelia Sollis, 843-329-8121 is your position?Chief, Safety and
  • Making a Strategic Difference

    For the first time since he took on his role as the USACE Chief of Engineers, Lt. Gen. Thomas P.
  • Taking Permitting to New Heights

    A dozen jumbo jets lined up wing to wing. Massive hangers wide enough for two of them to roll
  • Species Spotlight: American Eel

    There are approximately 800 species of eels worldwide. The American eel (Anguilla rostrata) is
  • Get Moving to Get Healthy

    Everyone talks about being in shape, losing weight and eating healthy, but it’s a lot easier to talk
  • Polk Swamp

    On a clear, cool winter day, 20 seniors and two teachers from the Charleston Charter School for Math
  • Engineering Minds

    To engage young minds and provide a hands-on learning opportunity for students, the Charleston
  • Vigilantly Prepared

    Sounds of moans, groans and shouts for help greeted the crowd as they walked to the Carolinas MED-1
  • Monumental Achievements

    Another year down, another year of customer survey results received. Our annual Military Customers
  • From the Ground Up

    On a cold and rainy December morning in Charleston, a large group of people gather in a parking lot
  • Proudly Supporting the Wounded Warrior Project

    The sounds of exclamation and nervous squealing were prominent on March 20, when the Charleston
  • Polk Swamp Restoration Project

    The Polk Swamp aquatic ecosystem has been severely degraded by a substantial loss of bottomland
  • February

    Miles of fencing and grassing on Folly Beach

    The final phase of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District’s $30 million Folly Beach